This crap is real, and if the bigger picture, the ramifications beyond the smaller details of this case, do not absolutely terrify you, then we are not from the same planet. I am just a simple country boy who grew up somewhat removed from pop culture and mob thought. I am not a Luddite, exactly, (though I believe a technology should useful for more than its own sake). I am American. I have always believed that individualism was the ultimate root of freedom and was the basis for the founding of this once great country. As the years go by, I realize that mob thought is becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of our daily life, whatever your political views, and is fast becoming the downfall of our great country. "Us against them," and "Who will take care of us?" have become the battle cries (or baby cries) of the new century. As we seek protection from every imagined danger like, God forbid, milk, we put our own shackles on and enslave ourselves to anyone or anything promising that protection. It has been decades since my Mom and Dad knew my every move, and yet society as a whole wants that kind of parental protection from itself and the dangerous world.

The beacon of individual freedom coupled with individual responsibility is dimming, and with the loss of the greatest free republic the world has ever known, is about to go out. Drink your damn milk, raw if possible and grow the hell up babies.

Check this link, and if you don't get as angry as I have, I am truly sorry.

USDA: Judge should pull plug on Amish case